Functional Genomics of Abiotic Stress in Crops

Principal Investigator: Fathey Sarhan
Theme : Agriculture and Bioproducts
Competition : Competition I
Status : In progress
Start : May 1, 2002
Budget : $3,735,220.00

Dr. Crosby, and his team of scientists from across the country, are studying the way crops tolerate cold, salinity and other nonbiological stresses. They work with wheat and canola, examining the whole plant and studying these crops at the molecular level. Determining what proteins and genes are involved in regulating a plant’s response to low temperatures could provide critical information for farmers. The team collects expressed sequence tags (gene markers) from cold-responding wheat. The researchers study canola’s response to metal and nutrient stresses. This work has the potential to improve agricultural productivity in Canada and around the world.


Co-project leaders:

William Crosby University of Windsor
Randall Weselake University of Alberta



Sue Abrams NRC Plant Biotechnology Institute
Ravi Chibbar University of Saskatchewan
Adrian Cutler NRC Plant Biotechnology Institute
Brian Fowler University of Saskatchewan
Allen Good University of Alberta
Gordon Gray University of Saskatchewan
Patrick Gulick Concordia University
Larry Gusta University of Saskatchewan
George Haughn University of British Colombia
Robert Hill University of Manitoba
Mario Houde Université du Québec à Montréal
Jean-Francois Laliberté Institut Armand-Frappier
André Laroche Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada - Lethbridge Research Centre
Maurice Moloney University of Calgary
Douglas Muench University of Calgary
Isobel Parkin Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada - Saskatoon Research Centre
Larry Pelcher NRC Plant Biotechnology Institute
Jean Rivoal Université de Montréal
Andrew Ross NRC Plant Biotechnology Institute
Graham Scoles University of Saskatchewan
Gregory Taylor University of Alberta
Luc Varin Concordia University