Jacques Simard

Affiliation : Université Laval
Organization : Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec
E-mail : Jacques.Simard@crchul.ulaval.ca
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About Jacques Simard

Jacques Simard, PhD, holds a Canada Research Chair in Oncogenetics and is a Professor in the Department of Molecular Medicine at Université Laval and Deputy Director, Basic Research at CHU de Québec Research Centre. He is also a member of the Conseil sectoriel des nouvelles économies du Fonds de Solidarité FTQ, a key labour-sponsored investment fund in life sciences.

Pr. Simard was involved in the characterization of the impact of mutations in susceptibility genes for breast and ovarian cancers, namely BRCA1 and BRCA2. He has been Director of the Interdisciplinary Health Research International Team on Breast Cancer susceptibility (INHERIT BRCAs 2001-2008), which has been funded in 2008 as the CIHR Team in Familial Risks of Breast Cancer (2008-2014), a clinical research network including 26 scientists and clinicians from across Canada as well as USA, UK and France.


Since 2013, Prof. Simard is Lead of the project PERSPECTIVE (Personalised Risk Stratification for Prevention and Early Detection of Breast Cancer), which include 25 researchers from Canada, the UK, the USA, The Netherlands and Germany. The purpose of this project is to provide better risk stratification tools, fine tune intervention strategies and offer the population more effective tools.


Pr. Simard also played a key role in the strategic development of health research as a member of the Medical Research Council of Canada, the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance Management Committee and the Institute Advisory Board of CIHR’s Institute of Gender and Health. He is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. In 1999, he received the most prestigious recognition for a scientist younger than 40 from the Endocrine Society and he was awarded the Prix d’excellence 2004 de la Fondation de la recherche sur les maladies infantiles.

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