Jamie Engert

Affiliation :
Organization : Centre universitaire de santé McGill
E-mail : jamie.engert@mcgill.ca

About Jamie Engert

Jamie Engert is a genetic epidemiologist in the department of Medicine, division of cardiology, and an associate member of the department of Human Genetics at McGill University. He received his PhD from Boston University after which he did a post doctoral fellowship with Tom Hudson at the Montreal General Hospital. He led the team that identified the gene responsible for ARSACS, an autosomal recessive disease found in Québec and particularly in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. In addition, he identified genetic variants in the genes resistin and visfatin that contribute to obesity and diabetes. His current research is on the genetic etiology of cardiovascular disease and their risk factors (cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, etc.) in Québec populations. He is now co-leader of the INTERHEART and EpiDREAM genetics studies, which seeks to understand the genetics of myocardial infarction and diabetes and their risk factors in different ethnicities. His recent work has also focused on genetic variants that play a role in the occurrence of drug side effects. These include the identification of genetic variants that may increase the chance of heart attack in patients taking Vioxx or other NSAIDs.

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