Biomarkers for pediatric glioblastoma through genomics and epigenomics

Principal Investigator: Jacek Majewski, Tomi M. Pastinen, Nada Jabado
Theme : Health
Competition : Genomics and Personalized Health
Status : Completed
Start : Apr. 1, 2013
End: Mar. 31, 2017
Budget : $5,074,844.00

New therapy for pediatric glioblastoma (brain cancer) could finally see the light of day

Each year in Canada, 200 children and 300 young people are affected by glioblastoma. Unfortunately, with existing treatment options, 90 percent of patients will die within three years. A better understanding of the mutations involved in this form of cancer should help us improve the the quality of life of these young people.

The goal of this project is to develop and implement a diagnostic test for clinical trials that will stratify patients with glioblastomas. The test will make it possible to put in place a therapeutic strategy tailored to the mutations involved. This unprecedented approach will lead to better targeted, more effective treatments.


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Co-applicants and End-users:

Janusz Rak MUHC
Thomas Kislinger University of Toronto
Eric Bouffet SickKids Hospital, University of Toronto
Guillaume Bourque McGill University and Génome Québec Innovation Centre
Michel Tremblay McGill University
Conrad Fernandez Dalhousie University
Jean Lachaine Université de Montréal
Gillian Bartlett-Esquilant McGill University
Alexandre Montpetit McGill University and Génome Québec Innovation Centre
Gelareh Zadeh University of Toronto
Annie Huang SickKids Hospital, University of Toronto