Functional Genomics of Regulation in Forest Trees

Principal Investigator: John MacKay
Theme : Forestry
Competition : Competition II
Status : Completed
Start : Aug. 1, 2002
End: Mar. 31, 2006
Budget : $8,751,886.00

This project will identify and characterize the function of genes in spruce and poplar, two trees at the center of Canada's forests of today and tomorrow. In particular, it will focus on those key genes involved in wood formation and maintaining the health of trees. Large-scale genomic technologies including gene sequencing, microarray transcript profiling and bioinformatics will be utilised to support the functional characterization of candidate genes and discovery on new genes. Economic impacts are expected through the development of molecular breeding or diagnostic assessment methods of tree growth, health and performance. This project will be led by researchers from Université Laval (Québec City), in collaboration with scientists at the Canadian Forestry Service (Centre de Foresterie des Laurentides in Québec City) and Carleton University (Ottawa). The investigators in this project will work collaboratively with the researchers of the Genome British Columbia forestry project. Click here to visit the projects' Website.



Jean Bousquet Université Laval
Nathalie Isabel Canadian Forest Service
Sharon Regan Carleton University
Armand Séguin Canadian Forest Service