High Throughput High-Dimensional Multi-Parametric Analysis of the Immune System

Principal Investigator: Rafick-Pierre Sékaly
Theme : Health
Competition : Technology development competition (DEVTECH)
Status : Completed
End: Dec. 31, 2010
Budget : $767,814.00

The objective of this project is to create new tools able to take advantage of the high dimensionality of high throughput FCM (HT-FCM) data and to combine the result with genomics and proteomics. The methods proposed here will revolutionize the current basic academic and commercial tools in the scientific community. The integration of HT-FCM, genomics and proteomics data will provide a deeper understanding of specific immune cell behavior. The functional relationships identified will provide new knowledge enabling the elucidation of disease mechanisms, the prediction of therapeutic and vaccine outcome, and the development personalized medicine.


Co-project leader:

Ryan Brinkman BC Cancer Research  Centre



Raphael Gottardo University of British Colombia
Larry Greller Biosystemix Ltd.
Richard Leblanc Université de Sherbrooke
Roland Somogyi Biosystemix Ltd.
Peter Wilkinson Université de Montréal