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Génome Québec and CHAUR Biobank

The only robotized room temperature biobank for DNA storage in North America.

Scientific Director Daniel Gaudet
Daniel Gaudet
Scientific Director

The Génome Québec and Centre hospitalier affilié universitaire régional de Chicoutimi (CHAUR) Biobank is a world-class high technology infrastructure dedicated to managing biological and non-biological samples with the potential to influence or interact with human health. The Biobank can especially support projects such as CARTaGENE, ECOGENE-21 and biodiversity initiative, and it facilitates the intergration of "omic sciences" in a continuum of projects ranging from populations to communities.

Deployed at Centre hospitalier affilié universitaire régional de Chicoutimi and affiliated with Université de Montréal, the Biobank operates as a technology platform for Génome Québec.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Ability to prepare, store, track and manage millions of biological and non-biological samples over the long term (several decades), and in different conditions: room temparature, +4°C, -20°C, -80°C, and -190°C (cryopreservation)
  • Automated systems for a high thoughput and effective management of samples (storage, capture, plate set-up and withdrawal, etc.)
  • Sophisticated, highly automated technical plateform, with a mirror site, and international partnership
  • Specialized human resources
  • Secured system entailing encryption and anonymisation of all samples
  • Development of new systems (R&D) and intergration of existing leading-edge systems
  • Management under govenment and university governance



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