Jean Bousquet

Affiliation : Université Laval
Organization : Université Laval
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About Jean Bousquet

Jean Bousquet obtained his PhD in 1989 from Université Laval/University of Alberta (joint); postdoctoral studies at Oregon State University in 1989-1990. Since then, he has become an established researcher in plant population and evolutionary genetics. He is professor of forest genetics at the Faculty of Forestry of Université Laval since 1990, senior Canada Research Chair in Forest and Environmental Genomics and scientific director of the Bioinformatics Centre at Université Laval. His current research program is centered around the development of detection and screening methods for ESTPs and SNPs of nuclear and organellar gene regions in trees, that are being used to resolve evolutionary, population and structural genomics questions. In collaboration with researchers from CFS, recent marker development achievements include a new set of polymorphic mtDNA markers in spruces and pines for reconstructing the phylogeographic history of boreal conifer species, a new set of EST-P markers derived from gene pool sequencing approaches for use in mapping of spruce genes and establishing map synteny, and new sets of species-specific microsatellites and SNPs for the tracking of pollen flow between exotic and resident species of poplars and larches.

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