Québec boasts strong track record in research

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Wednesday April 17, 2013

Québec boasts strong track record in research

Genome Canada competition: Québec research fares extremely well


The support provided by Génome Québec and the hard work of Québec researchers have paid off. They fared extremely well, since over 60 percent of the federal co-funding available used to carry out the 12 projects (out of 17) selected as part of the Genome Canada competition will involve researchers from Québec universities. 

  • Five projects at Université de Montréal: Research into better therapies for, or prevention of epilepsy, inflammatory bowel diseases, bone marrow cell transplant rejection, leukemia and heart disease.
  • Two projects at Université Laval: Research into breast cancer prevention and non-invasive prenatal screening tests.
  • One project at McGill University: Research into improved management of pediatric patients with brain cancer.


To learn more about these projects, click here.

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