Tomi M. Pastinen

Affiliation : Université McGill
Organization : Canada Research Chair in Human Genomics
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About Tomi M. Pastinen

Tomi Pastinen completed his MD/PhD supervised by Leena Peltonen and Ann-Christine Syvanen at the University of Helsinki, Finland with a focus on the development of array-based genotyping methods and their application to the study of complex diseases (2000). During his postdoctoral fellowship with Thomas Hudson at McGill University he initiated studies of allelic variation in expression in human cells. Member of McGill University faculty since 2006, his laboratory has focused on genome-wide allele-specific functional genomic studies and their applications to common disease genomics.

He recently renewed his Canada Research Chair in Human Genomics and currently co-leads a large-scale Epigenome Mapping Centre at
McGill University funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and Génome Québec. He is the recipient of Maud Menten Young Investigator Award by the CIHR.

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