Therapeutic development platform: targeting metabolism in cancer therapy

Principal Investigator: Gordon Shore, Michel L. Tremblay
Theme : Health
Competition : Genomics research in human health - translational stream
Status : Completed
Start : Oct. 1, 2010
End: Mar. 31, 2014
Budget : $1,949,217.00

New anti-cancer agents are typically tested by conducting large numbers of human clinical trials, with a wide variety of patients and drug combinations; a process which requires several years before determining which patients will ultimately benefit. The goal of this project is to accelerate the drug approval process by translating basic research into science-driven identification of opportunities for new therapies in oncology.

This project will capitalize on the world-class expertise of the metabolism and cancer group at the Goodman Cancer Centre (GCC), and a new anti-cancer agent, teglarinad, currently in clinical trials. This compound interferes with a cancer cell’s need to manufacture large amounts of essential metabolites required for rapid growth and survival. Genomic screenings will be performed to identify genes, that when eliminated with teglarinad, will act in synergy with this new agent.

Each new genetic target identified could open the way a) to a targeting of particular cancers, b) to the identification of new therapeutic targets, or c) to personalized treatments.



Vincent Giguère McGill University
Russell Jones McGill University
Jean Lachaine Université de Montréal
Jerry Pelletier McGill University
Julie St-Pierre McGill University