Edor Kabashi

Affiliation : Université de Montréal
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E-mail : edor.kabashi@umontreal.ca
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About Edor Kabashi

Edor Kabashi completed his Bachelor’s degree from McGill University in Biology and continued his post-graduate studies at the Montreal Neurological Institute under the supervision of Professor Heather Durham. During his PhD project, Professor Kabashi studied the role that the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway (the cellular degradation machinery) plays in ALS, finding that a decrease of the proteasome activity and its subunit expression occur both in an animal model of ALS as well as in ALS patients. During his post-doctoral training at the Université de Montreal under the direction of Dr. Guy Rouleau and Professor Pierre Drapeau, as the Tim Noel Fellow awarded from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and ALS Canada, Professor Kabashi was the lead author in the discovery of TDP-43 mutations in ALS, and has published a series of articles in very high impact journals. Professor Kabashi’s research spans from the discovery of new gene variants in ALS to development of models for these gene mutations using zebrafish. Zebrafish models will be valuable to functionally ascertain whether these gene variants lead to motor neuron deficit/degeneration, further obtaining a better understanding of the molecular pathways of ALS pathogenesis. These models will be helpful in the search for efficacious treatments for this devastating disorder.

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