Recherche québécoise sur la pharmacogénomique cardiovasculaire

Principal Investigator: Michael S. Phillips, Jean-Claude Tardif
Theme : Health
Competition : PRIVAC competition
Status : Completed
End: Mar. 31, 2010
Budget : $4,945,165.00

Building towards the clinical application of pharmacogenomics in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. This project, led by Drs Jean-Claude Tardif and Michael Phillips from the Montreal Heart Institute, in partnership with VIA Pharmaceuticals, aims at continuing the development of the necessary framework to support pharmacogenomics clinical trials in cardiovascular diseases in Québec andCanada. Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in western countries. To address this issue, VIA Pharmaceuticals is developing the drug VIA-2291, a potent inhibitor of an enzymatic protein (5-lipoxygenase) believed to play a key role in the pathogenesis of several human diseases, including atherosclerosis, the main contributor to ACS. Through this PRIVAC research project, the Génome Québec / Montreal Heart Institute Pharmacogenomics Centre will be working with VIA Pharmaceuticals to conduct a clinical pharmacogenomics research study in order to better understand the genetic variation that may affect individual’s response to VIA-2291. This project will be made possible thanks to the establishment of strategic partnerships with the private sector for critical technological developments: Agencourt BioScience will contribute to the development of rapid clinical methods to support DNA isolation, and Invitrogen will support the technological improvements genotyping and medical re-sequencing. In addition, collaboration with Illumina will insure for the Génome Québec / Montreal Heart Institute Pharmacogenomics Centre excellent opportunities of knowledge transfer and commercialisation of standardized pharmacogenomic tests developed through this project and which will have broad applicability across the pharmaceutical industry. Development of cutting edge bioinformatics infrastructure within the Pharmacogenomic Centerwill further contribute to this knowledge transfer. This project will be at the forefront of innovation in Pharmacogenomics and further strengthen the leadership of Québec in this research area. In addition, the tangible outcomes to be expected through the Pharmacogenomics platform services and the integration of pharmacogenomic arms to clinical studies brings closer personalized medicine to all of us.



Nathalie Laplante Montreal Heart Institute
Tibor van Rooij Montreal Heart Institute