Steve Labrie

Affiliation : Université Laval
Organization : INAF
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About Steve Labrie


Steve Labrie is associate professor at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences of Université Laval and a regular member of the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF). He has leading-edge expertise in research with a special focus on dairy processing.


Mr. Labrie completed his PhD in microbiology at Université Laval and his doctoral fellowship at North Carolina State University. He subsequently pursued postdoctoral training at INAF, where he studied the genetics of dairy bacteria and probiotics.


In 2006, he was hired as a professor at Université Laval as part of the NSERC – Dairy Sector Industrial Chair in Cheese Technology and Typicity. His main research area is the activity of microorganisms involved in the cheese ripening process, more specifically the yeasts and molds commonly used in the production of fine cheeses. He uses the latest genomic and metagenomic techniques to determine the succession and activity of cheese microbiomes. 

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