Hamed S. Najafabadi

Affiliation : Université McGill
Organization : Goodman Cancer Research Centre
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About Hamed S. Najafabadi

Dr. Hamed Najafabadi obtained his PhD from McGill University in 2012, where he studied the mechanisms of gene regulation in eukaryotic parasites. He then moved to University of Toronto as a Banting postdoctoral fellow, working on new artificial intelligence approaches to understand how gene activity is regulated in human cells. He joined McGill University as a faculty member in 2016. Dr. Najafabadi is now an Assistant Professor of Human Genetics and a Principal Investigator at McGill Genome Centre, as well as an associate member of the Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Research Centre. He is currently the Canada Research Chair in Systems Biology of Gene Regulation and a Sloan Research Fellow.


Dr. Najafabadi’s research focuses on developing new computational methods to decode the language of the genome. By combining artificial intelligence and statistical inference with large omics data, his lab aims to understand how the identity and function of each cell is encoded in the genome, and how defects in these genomic instructions lead to cancer. His research has shed light on the functions of hundreds of proteins that are responsible for reading and executing these genomic instructions, and has identified new factors that contribute to cancer development and progression by disrupting the normal flow of genetic information. His innovative computational methods enable a deeper understanding of cancer using omics data, and will pave the way for development of better therapeutic approaches.

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