Genomics in Society:Responsibilities and Rights

Principal Investigator: Bartha Maria Knoppers
Theme : GE³LS
Competition : Competition I
Status : Completed
Start : Dec. 1, 2001
End: Sept. 30, 2005
Budget : $2,867,501.00

This project involves researchers from six Québec universities. It examines the socio-ethical, environmental and legal issues involved in three broad areas: population research, accountability, and transgenics. The first research component includes the study of DNA sampling and banking, as well as transfer and confidentiality mechanisms in order to develop and propose standardization and harmonization of approaches. The second research component on accountability examines the issues of professional responsibility and liability for the communication of genetic information for reproductive genetic counselling, for recruitment, confidentiality, follow-up, and communication with the public as well as for oversight mechanisms for all genomic research. The third one looks at issues surrounding the creation and use of transgenic animals and plants in research and medical treatment, the preservation of biodiversity, and the protection of the environment. All projects involve comparing international policies and reviews on these issues. The research team has created four platforms: the French portal of the HumGen website; a GenConsult platform (“think tank format”); a platform called “Generistic” on transgenics; and a public communication platform.



Hubert Doucet Université de Montréal
Kathleen Glass McGill University
Béatrice Godard Université de Montréal
Bruno Leclerc Université du Québec à Rimouski
Thérèse Leroux Université de Montréal
Marcel Mélançon Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Marie-Hélène Parizeau Université Laval
Suzanne Philips-Nootens Université de Sherbrooke
Marc-André Sirard Université Laval