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Genomics plays a vital role in driving Québec's economic future. That is why Génome Québec aims at advancing knowledge in genomics by funding major research projects. In this section, you will discover all the latest achievements in the field of genomics.

Congratulations to Dr. Alain Moreau who received the Ernest-Charron Award

July 31, 2013

Génome Québec wishes to congratulate Dr. Alain Moreau who received the Ernest-Charron Award from the Faculty of Dentistry at Université de Montréal.

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Google Doodle honors the Black Lady of DNA

July 25, 2013

Today, in a Google Doodle that includes a reference to one of Rosalind Franklin's DNA photographs, Google reminds us of a historic moment in science, and of the 93rd birthday of a scientist who contributed to it.

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Genomic atlas of gene switches in plants

July 17, 2013

What allows certain plants to survive freezing and thrive in the Canadian climate, while others are sensitive to the slightest drop in temperature? Those that flourish activate specific genes at just the right time -- but the way gene activation is controlled remains poorly understood.

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Funding Awarded to Detect E. coli in Food Processing Facilities

July 15, 2013

Genome Alberta is pleased to announce on behalf of our funding partners the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency, Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions, Genome Canada, Génome Québec and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Rural Affairs (hereafter the Funders), the results of our collective funding competition for the rapid detection of pathogenic Escherichia coli.  Each of the two successful applications will receive $500,000 in new funding.

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