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Genomics plays a vital role in driving Québec's economic future. That is why Génome Québec aims at advancing knowledge in genomics by funding major research projects. In this section, you will discover all the latest achievements in the field of genomics.

Congratulations to Dr. Guy Sauvageau, Radio-Canada’s 2014 Scientist of the Year

Jan. 30, 2015

Génome Québec congratulates Dr. Guy Sauvageau of IRIC, who was named Radio-Canada's 2014 Scientist of the year for the discovery of a molecule capable of multiplying umbilical cord blood stem cells. 

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40 years of history for the Sainte-Justine University Hospital Research Center

Jan. 23, 2015

The Sainte-Justine University Hospital Research Center opens a new chapter in its 40-year history. Since 1974, it has been transforming care and shaping a better future for mothers and children in Québec, Canada and abroad – all the way from the vision of founder Justine Lacoste-Beaubien to today’s pioneering discoveries.

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Barack Obama says yes to personalized medicine

Jan. 21, 2015

In his January 20, 2015, State of the Union address, Barack Obama announced the launch of a new Precision Medicine Initiative based on the right treatment at the right time. It is a significant endorsement of the strategic importance of personalized medicine by the President of the United States, one of the world key economic leaders. An encouraging speech, that confirms Genome Canada and Génome Québec long-term vision and the relevance to continue to support the development of genomics in our country.


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Three seasoned members recruited for the Génome Québec Board of Directors

Jan. 19, 2015

Martin Godbout, Chair of the Board, is pleased to announce the appointment of three new members to the Génome Québec Board of Directors. The Board team is proud to have the support of high-calibre professionals with experience in varied fields, including finance, agrifood and the pharmaceutical industry.


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Forest Genomics: A major partnership between Université Laval and Oxford University

Jan. 15, 2015

As part of an economic mission taking place in Europe, Prime Minister Philippe Couillard announced in London a scientific and academic partnership between Université Laval and Oxford University. The objective of this partnership is to create an international consortium in forest genomics.

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New series of Canadian bioinformatic workshops May-June 2015

Jan. 12, 2015

Check out these new series of advanced bioinformatic workshops May-June 2015:  

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