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Genomics plays a vital role in driving Québec's economic future. That is why Génome Québec aims at advancing knowledge in genomics by funding major research projects. In this section, you will discover all the latest achievements in the field of genomics.

Beyond the poppy: a new method of opium production

May 19, 2015

According to new studies by researchers from Concordia University in Montreal and the
University of California, Berkeley, yeast can be engineered to convert sugar to alkaloids — plant-derived compounds such as codeine and morphine, naturally produced in the opium poppy. 

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Disruptive Innovation in Genomics - Notice of upcoming funding opportunity

May 1, 2015

Genome Canada is pleased to advise the research community of an upcoming funding opportunity – the 2015 Disruptive Innovation in Genomics (DIG) Competition. This Competition is anticipated to be formally launched in June 2015 with detailed guidelines and application forms available at that time.

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