Atlas of Genomic Profiles of Steroid Action

Principal Investigator: Fernand Labrie, Thomas J. Hudson
Theme : Health
Competition : Competition I
Status : Completed
Start : Aug. 1, 2002
End: Mar. 31, 2006
Budget : $20,676,000.00

Dr. Labrie and his team study the changes in gene expression that occur in all mouse tissues following treatment with the five classes of steroid hormones. Using mouse organs and cells, they are determining the patterns that follow hormone deprivation as well as hormone replacement with each class of steroid hormones.Microaorrays, SAGE (serial analysis of gene expression), quantitative real time PCR, in situ hybridization, laser microdissection and proteomics are used as complementary approaches. They identify the spectrum of hormone-regulated genes and map the cell types responsible for the observed changes in transcription. Using novel bioinformatic techniques, the researchers link datasets and information about the function of proteins, associating them to their role in different cellular pathways. The team is thus developing a package of database, analysis and visualization software which integrates data from the various technological platforms. The researchers are also developing models and tools to assess candidate genes as potential therapeutic targets.



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