The Protist EST Program

Principal Investigator: Franz Bernd Lang
Theme : Health
Competition : Competition I
Status : Completed
Start : Sept. 1, 2002
End: Mar. 31, 2006
Budget : $3,058,170.00

Protists are unicellular, nucleus-containing (eukaryotic) organisms. This project is determining the protein-coding capacity of a wide variety of protists, by sequencing DNA libraries. The project is obtaining extensive data about gene markers called "expressed sequence tags", or ESTs, from 36 protists. Dr. Gray and his Pan-Canadian team will use the data to provide answers to major evolutionary questions at each stage of the eukaryotic cell's evolution and the evolution of corresponding genes. The project includes the creation of an EST database (PEPdb), located and operated through the Université de Montréal.



Gertraud Burger Université de Montréal