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Thursday February 16, 2023

Génome Québec is particularly excited to announce the broadcast of its brand new podcast series "ADN : ces trois lettres qui changent nos vies".


Each episode is 12 minutes long and presents a specific topic:


  1. The role of genomics in the screening and diagnosis of rare diseases (Dr Jacques Michaud)
  2. AI and crowdsourcing in the service of genomics (Jérôme Waldispühl)
  3. Microbiota and polycultural environmental resilience (Frédéric Pitre)
  4. Genomics and cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment (Dr Denis-Claude Roy)
  5. Environmental DNA: biological monitoring, ecosystem protection and citizen science (Louis Bernatchez)
  6. Health data sharing: ethical perspectives (Vardit Ravitsky)


To listen to the recently released episodes, it's here : https://www.genomequebec.com/en/videos/

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