Genomics Integration Program - Human Health

  • Genomics Integration Program - Human Health

    Code : GQ
    Organisator : Santé humaine (GQ )
    Year : 2021

    Genomics Integration Program: In order to increase the value of genomic discoveries, Génome Québec is offering grants ranging between $50,000 and $200,000 to fund collaborations between academic researchers and partners capable of implementing/commercializing the results of their research. The funds are to be used to establish a proof of concept required to obtain subsequent funding. Projects must be related to Human Health and include at least one aspect derived from “omic” technologies (genomic, epigenomic, metabolomic, metagenomic, nutrigenomic, pharmacogenomic, proteomic, transcriptomic, etc.), for example: biomarker or target validation, pre-clinical studies for rare disease treatments, therapy response prediction tools, etc.


    1. Teams must be formed by at least:
      1. 1 researcher affiliated to a Quebec public research institute, holding a position equivalent to associate professor or higher.
      2. 1 non-academic organization responsible for the implementation or commercialization of the results, including: private companies, industrial consortiums, not-for-profit organizations, government agencies.
    2. All non-academic organizations are eligible. However, they must demonstrate their capacity to add value to the project by commercializing its results.


    Submission Process

    Applications can be submitted at all times at using the form available online and will be evaluated on a monthly basis. However, teams must contact the program lead BEFORE beginning the application process (

    Deadline for the application submission : February 12, 2021 

    Program details

    Amount: $50,000 - $200,000

    Duration: 6 – 24 months

    Co-funding: applicants must obtain co-funding to at least match GQ funds (1:1), from sources other than the Ministère de l’Économie et Innovation of Quebec, for example: from the commercial partner, foundations, government ministries and agencies, large corporations, individuals, etc. Contributions can be in kind if they are in Quebec.