Climate Action Genomics Initiative - Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food Systems

  • Climate Action Genomics Initiative - Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food Systems

    Code : GC
    Organisator : Agriculture et agroalimentaire (GC )
    Year : 2022
    Duration : 4 years

    Génome Québec is pleased to announce the launch of the Climate Action Genomics Initiative from Genome Canada called Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food Systems. This initiative is investing $30M in cutting-edge genomic research and innovation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprint of Canada’s food production systems, building their resiliency, environmental sustainability, and economic viability.


    In particular, the initiative will focus on genomic tools and technologies that will help mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (namely CO2, CH4 and N2O) or enhancing their capture and storage.  


    The Initiative aims to:

    • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprints of food production and inputs manufacturing.
    • Enhance carbon sequestration to improve performance, mitigate climate impacts and support healthy ecosystems.
    • Build resilient, sustainable food systems that reduce environmental impacts and greenhouse gas emissions. 
    • Result in novel, nature-based solutions and processes that can replace traditional consumptive production processes with sustainable and circular solutions for the environment and economy.


    The Initiative will fund a portfolio of interdisciplinary genomics research and innovation projects connected by cross-cutting programs designed to ensure they translate into solutions for Canadians. The portfolio approach allows benefits from one solution to translate into other food production systems or supply chains and cascade impact throughout the broader food system.


    To learn more about the Climate Action Genomics Initiative: Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food Systems, please consult the overview.


    The Initiative will deploy a number of funding opportunities that will make up the portfolio:


    1. Funding for Interdisciplinary Challenge Teams (ICTs, $24M, launching immediately)


    Teams of researchers and receptors addressing specific questions that will deliver innovative genomics solutions that support climate change mitigation and action.


    The funding envelope for this opportunity is $24 million from Genome Canada. The contribution of Genome Canada for each approved project will range from $1 million to $3 million. Co-funding of these projects will have to be provided by eligible sources such that co-funding is at least equal to the Genome Canada contribution.


    All applicants must submit their application through Génome Québec. The process will consist of a mandatory registration, a letter of intent followed by a full application.


    Process and important dates


    May 16, 2022

    Funding Opportunity Launch

    July 4, 2022 – Noon


    Submission of registration to Génome Québec by email at

    Mid-July 2022

    Genome Canada virtual info-session

    July-August 2022

    Letter of intent development with Génome Québec

    Mid-September 2022


    Submission of letter of intent to Génome Québec by email at

    December 2022 -January 2023

    Full Application development with Génome Québec

    Mid-January 2023


    Submission of full application to Génome Québec by email at

    March 2023

    Funding results


    List of documents to consult - Forms must be completed electronically by clicking on the action buttons below.


    2. Knowledge Mobilization and Implementation Coordination Centre (KMICC, $2M, coming in summer 2022)


    Cross-cutting funding to develop and implement a plan to coordinate knowledge mobilization strategies across the Interdisciplinary Challenge Teams and support portfolio-level GE3LS research and genomics in society activities for knowledge mobilization and implementation.


    3. Data Coordination Centre (DCC, $4M, coming in summer 2022)


    Cross-cutting funding to develop and implement a portfolio-level plan to coordinate data assets, standards, and analytics across Interdisciplinary Challenge Teams.



    Please note that all applications must be submitted through Génome Québec. In addition, Génome Québec offers its expertise by supporting teams throughout each step of this initiative. Génome Québec expects applicants to actively participate in all activities offered by Génome Québec to improve the competitiveness of their proposal. To obtain more details related to the initiative, please contact Laetitia Sabatier,Operations and Programs Manager, by email at