Message from the Management Committee

"Genomics is embedded deeply in the DNA of our organization."

 génome québec 

Génome Québec was conceived by visionaries and builders – politicians, academics, researchers and corporate leaders. They dreamed of promoting genomics research in Québec, a sector that was still underdeveloped at the end of the 90s.

Today, we are proud to note the many major breakthroughs made by our researchers in this area. One could say that genomics is embedded deeply in the DNA of our organization!

In addition to our focus on funding and competitiveness, our priority for the coming years will be to bring genomic applications and benefits to the community. Génome Québec's challenge is to promote genomics by making it a driving force of economic development in Québec. By working together and mobilizing our networks and resources, we can achieve anything. We can make genomics the world-changing force we know it to be, whether in healthagrifoodforestry and the environment.