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Genizon Biobank

Carte QuébecGenizon Biobank provides researchers access to a valuable resource in their gene discovery process.

Québec is characterized by an optimal genetic sharing due to its founding population of only 2600 people 12 to 16 generations ago. In addition, the population has increased by a factor of 80 over the last 250 years compared to an increase by a factor of 6 in Western Europe during the same period.

The French-Canadians are a founder population and therefore are more genetically homogenous than the general population, enabling well-powered studies with relatively small sample sizes.


26 cohorts for complex diseases (45,000 participants)(originally collected by Genizon BioSciences Inc.):

  • DNA samples
  • Coded or non-anomymized clinical data
  • 95% of the original participants have agreed to be re-contacted
  • Genotyping data

Quality of the Resource

  • Precise disease-specific protocols developed in cooperation with local and international clinical experts
  • Specific informed consent
  • Ethnic origin verification (four grandparents of French-Canadian origin)
  • Rigorously defined phenotypes for cases and controls


  • Re-contact and "re-use" in more specific studies
  • Selection of controls in new studies (broad consent)
  • Demographic studies (interregional stratification)
  • Complement GWAS with genealogical records
  • Increase sample size from existing cohorts
  • Discovery and validation of biomarkers for use in molecular diagnostics for personalized medicine
  • Companion diagnostics
  • Patient stratification for drug response and risk of severe adverse events
  • Disease susceptibility diagnostics


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