Developing Partnerships for Innovation


Génome Québec is hard at work building partnerships dedicated to translating genomics discoveries into applications that deliver benefits for society and its main economic sectors, including healthagrifoodforestry and the environment.

One of our objectives is to promote strategic partnerships among industry, end-users, researchers, research institutes and funding agencies. The ensuing alliances will lead to the launch of funding programs and investment opportunities focused on turning innovations into practical applications.

Since 2001, Génome Québec and its partners have invested over a billion dollars in genomics research and technology. In coming years, we will pursue our efforts, as we continue to considerably increase our investments in the field. This funding will go toward supporting basic, translational and pre-commercial research.

We are constantly seeking to forge new partnerships and alliances between the public and private sectors. If you are an investor or a researcher working in research and innovation, we invite you to consult our listing of research projects and contact us for more information.

Contact Information:
Diane Bouchard
Partnership Director, Scientific Affairs
514 398-0668, ext. 236